A Hurricane Rita Story: No One Understands a Mom Like Another Mom

Ten years since the mass evacuation from Hurricane Rita – the memories remain.

Glover Gardens Cookbook

It has been ten years since the stark horrors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans influenced thousands of Southeast Texas residents to flee the oncoming Hurricane Rita just a few weeks later.  This is a true story, a quiet little reminiscence, of two moms who evacuated together with young sons.  It was written several years ago and is now dedicated to the memory of Theresa Crespo.  She is one of my inspirations for writing a cookbook, and I sometimes channel her in the kitchen.  But that’s another story.

No One Understands a Mom Like Another Mom

It Started with Sippy Cups and Toddler Parks

Theresa and I have been friends since we both had baby boys around the same time in the late ‘90’s, my Thomas a first (and only) child, her Andre a little brother for 5-year old Nick. We discovered together that “Mommy” – a word and role we…

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