Haiku: Ode to a December Rose

The rainy rose remained beautiful as the weather turned gorgeous, as weather in Southeast Texas is wont to do. So of course – another pic, another quick haiku.

Glover Gardens

We’re lucky here in Southeast Texas to have a mild climate throughout the fall, but we also have icky-cold-gray-for-days-depressing weather.

You know those days when it’s dark when you leave for work, dark when you get home, and dark all day in between?

Even in the dark, dank, depressing weather, Glover Gardens is still producing flowers. The Grill-Meister snapped a gorgeous rose pic with his iPhone yesterday; it brightened the gloomy December day and inspired a quick haiku.

Ode to a December Rose

Cold rainy gray-ness
Beautifully showcases
Perfect pink petals

The Grill-Meister sent me this picture in a text yesterday; it brightened the gloomy December day Photo courtesy of the Glover Gardens Grill-Meister

The same rose, a few days later on a lovely December Sunday.

image So beautiful it deserves another haiku

Ode to a December Rose II

Perfect pink petals
Epitomize beauty in
Gloom or in sunshine

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