Really? Why Do We Need “Sexiest Chefs”?

I just heard today that People published a “14 Sexiest Chefs in America” list.


Why do we need to rate chefs by their sex appeal?  I think this is really dumb.

Does that make me a snob, a purist, or just plain square / not hip?  I mean, I like quite a few of the chefs, but because of how they cook, not how they look.

Is it because of the proliferation of cooking shows on the TV Food Network and the Cooking Channel?  I don’t think so.  We didn’t need Julia Child to be sexy.  We didn’t need Paul Prudhomme to be “hot”.  It’s all about the food, in my humble opinion.  Check out the videos below – there isn’t a smidgeon of sexy, but there’s a whole lot of chef expertise being shared by these legendary cooks.



Sexiest chefs?  ‘Splain it to me, someone, ’cause I just don’t get it.


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