Aspiring Young Cook: Your Vote Can Help

On Facebook tonight, I saw a post that said, in effect, please vote for my cousin’s father’s brother’s son’s friend’s neighbor’s kid in a cooking contest…

Well, I guess it wasn’t that obscure, or at least, it was within enough degrees of separation that I clicked.  And this little boy just stole my heart with his recipe and his sincerity.

So, here’s the pitch:  if you made it this far, can you go to this link (click here), scroll to “Sam F.”, watch his video and vote for him?  He is adorable.  And it would make my cousin’s father’s brother’s son’s friend’s neighbor so happy.  🙂

Sam reminds me of myself as a little kid, although I was much less sophisticated than he is, getting all creative with my EasyBake Oven.  Click here if you’re interested in my food heritage.

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