A Little Music for a Sunday Evening

There haven’t been many posts of late in the Glover Gardens Cookbook.

The entire household has been in a bit of a frenzy this spring: finalizing the college decision for our remaining millennial in the house, celebrating the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for said millennial, preparing a speech for an industry conference related to my day job, and starting to recover from the damage done at Glover Gardens by last week’s storm.

There’s been little time for cooking and even less for blogging.  We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, though.  For one thing, the college decision is made!  He will be attending the University of Texas at Austin’s Butler School of Music, studying Jazz Composition and doing his best to live up to the requirements of a hefty scholarship.  Woohoo!!!

A view of the Rockies from Jefferson

For your Sunday evening listening pleasure, here is one of the recordings that was used for the college auditions.  The group that’s playing is called The Millennial Quartet, and the other three young men are also entering college fall to study music. The tune is an original  composed by my son (the keyboard player), named Jefferson after a hamlet in Colorado, where we have a small cabin that we call Little House in the Rockies.  The nature and views are truly inspirational.  Click the arrow on the picture below to view the recording.

You’ll probably see a lot more of these kinds of posts as we begin to spend time in the state’s capital and enjoy the vibrant and diverse arts and music scene.

If a Tree Falls on the House, Does Anyone Hear It?

Yes, Dear Reader, yes we did hear the trees.  You may have heard of the Great Houston Floods of April, 2016.  It was a Carpenters-worthy Rainy Day Monday.

We’re smack-dab in the middle of this weather phenomenon, but being the unicorns that we are, our experience is trees falling on us and bringing water in through holes in the roof, rather than the rising water that our fellow citizens are experiencing.

We had a rather exciting time in the wee hours of Monday morning.  Mother Nature decided we had too many pine trees, and it was time to address that situation, immediately!  Here are some photos.  And lest you think we are ingrates, I must say that we are feeling incredibly blessed that no people or pets were harmed. Property damage can be repaired.  Living beings are a little harder to replace.

It gives “Lean in” a new meaning
More trees visible from the front
I love the flowers beneath the rubble; there’s hope
Big trees making a symbol
The fence couldn’t withstand the forces of flowing water
The greenhouse is damaged but still stands


This tree just missed the house and the fence
There goes the barbecue and the smoker
The pool equipment “skirt” needs mending, but only after the tree goes!
Just missed the pool equipment!
A “T” for a tree


The view from the back 40


It’s a mess
Surveying the damage
Talavera planters will have to be replaced; they are so cheerful
The outdoor dining table is no more
It used to be the outdoor kitchen
Just missed the bench Dad made


A tangle of trees



We might just need to listen to the Carpenters to get our blues on.