Timeless Classic: Fruit, Cheese and Wine

A recent trip to our cabin, affectionately named Little House in the Rockies, reminded me about our Travel Day Dinner Plan Rule:  no cooking, smorgasbord all the way!  We’re pretty faithful about this, as noted in my post last year about it:  click here.  Road-weary bodies and hungry souls are quickly rejuvenated with this instant, no-fuss, luxurious al fresco summer dinner.

A few gourmet cheeses, smoked slices meats, fancy crackers, pesto, cherries, plums and wine in cool mountain air made our first night at Little House relaxing and special

Treating ourselves this way on the travel day is exactly the right way to start a trip. A quiet, peaceful composure brought on by the mountain air is reinforced by the sumptuous cheeses, salty meats and seasonal fruit.

After dinner, we enjoy the sunset.  Life is good.


Read more about our Travel Day Dinner Rule.

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