Boo! Scary or Cute?

Boo!  Scary or Cute?

I had the great fortune to be a judge at a Halloween-themed Dips and Desserts contest at work during lunchtime.

Oh, the sugar high!  My colleagues can cook!

There were many great dishes and two distinct themes for Halloween:  scary and cute.  I’m with my friend, the cupcake maker:  I don’t like scary.

Cute: fudge cupcake owls with Oreos and Reese’s Pieces

Aren’t these Halloween owls friendly and smart-looking?  The fudge icing was incredible.

Scary: Brain cake (red velvet with fondant “icing” covered in raspberry jelly)

My colleague who took this photo of the brain cake said she’d have declined to taste it – but it was actually really good! Very moist red velvet cake.

What’s your Halloween theme:  scary or cute?

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