I Love Thanksgiving! Run-Up to My Favorite Holiday

I love Thanksgiving.  I really do.  It’s the only holiday that is just about gratitude, being together and enjoying a meal.  Thanksgiving means food and family and fun, and I enjoy the process of getting ready for it.  I’ve got Thanksgiving tubs up in the attic that come down a week or two beforehand.

Thanksgiving Tubs

Thanksgiving Tub
It’s always fun to open up my Thanksgiving tubs and get reunited with my runners and silk flowers and silly little turkey salt-and-pepper shakers.

More on preparing for Thanksgiving is here.  Hint:  start your table-setting several days early!


And the best pie for Thanksgiving, ever, is here.  Trust me on this!

Salted Caramel-Chocolate Pecan Pie
This photo is from Southern Living. It looked so beautiful in the magazine that the Grill-Meister knew immediately that this pie had to be on our Thanksgiving table that year.

And you’ll find a wonderful family activity for Thanksgiving gratitude here.  You might as well trust me on this, too.

Thankful Pears

Copyright 2016, Glover Gardens Cookbook

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