What do you believe in? Everyone is passionate about something…


What are you passionate about? A cause, a belief, a hobby, your family, a pet? Your career, a vacation spot, sunsets, poetry? Music, blogging, long drives in the country? The environment, individual freedoms, motorcycle riding or seafood gumbo? Sci-fi, the 23rd Psalm, walks in the country? Architecture, historic preservation, sports, the constitution?

Everyone is passionate about SOMETHING. I really want to know!! I’m hoping to get lots of enlightening responses and will write an essay about the diversity of responses. You people are INTERESTING!


6 thoughts on “What do you believe in? Everyone is passionate about something…

    1. Ok…let’s see! My family keeps me pushing towards the future. They motivate me to be better! Their love fuels my fire!
      Fitness provides me with a level of discipline that I thought I’d never achieve! This discipline translates to other areas of my life. Fitness also provides an extra confidence that overflows into everything I do.
      A strong & confident (mentally & physically) me allows me to be a “better me” which benefits my family immensely…..because you cannot pour from an empty cup!!

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      1. To add to that….what I have (and will) achieve in my fitness shows me that anything is possible. What a lesson to teach my children!!
        Plus it proves that I can persevere through the pain & when I REALLY want to stop. These are great analogies to pull from as I move through life taking on my most challenging and rewarding roles of WIFE and MOMMY!!

        Thanks Kim for that time of reflection!!!

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