Simple Pleasures: Cline Ranch State Wildlife Area in Como, CO


Cline Ranch State Wildlife Area is located on Highway 285 in South Park, a few miles north of Como. It features three miles of upper Tarryall Creek for fishing, hiking and wildlife viewing.

We visited during our trip to Little House in the Rockies over the weekend, and fell in love.

We spent more than an hour in 12 degree (Fahrenheit) weather exploring the frozen tundra, which is dotted with vibrant native grasses even in the dead of winter, and taking in the awesome majesty of Tarryall Creek.  The video below is 17 seconds of pure wonder, the sights and sounds of an indomitable creek that flows beneath the frozen surface. (Hover over the video for the Play button.)


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And you can learn more about the Cline Ranch State Wildlife Area here.


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