What do you believe in? Everyone is passionate about something…

February 7, 2017

What do you believe in? Everyone is passionate about something…



What are you passionate about? A cause, a belief, a hobby, your family, a pet? Your career, a vacation spot, sunsets, poetry? Music, blogging, long drives in the country? The environment, individual freedoms, motorcycle riding or seafood gumbo? Sci-fi, the 23rd Psalm, walks in the country? Architecture, historic preservation, sports, the constitution?

Everyone is passionate about SOMETHING. I really want to know!! I’m hoping to get lots of enlightening responses and will write an essay about the diversity of responses. You people are INTERESTING!


6 thoughts on “What do you believe in? Everyone is passionate about something…”

  • Helloooo, Elaine Hampton! “Passionate about Family and Fitness”…can you say more? How do they work together? What do they bring to your life? How does these marvelous things make you tick?

    • Ok…let’s see! My family keeps me pushing towards the future. They motivate me to be better! Their love fuels my fire!
      Fitness provides me with a level of discipline that I thought I’d never achieve! This discipline translates to other areas of my life. Fitness also provides an extra confidence that overflows into everything I do.
      A strong & confident (mentally & physically) me allows me to be a “better me” which benefits my family immensely…..because you cannot pour from an empty cup!!

      • To add to that….what I have (and will) achieve in my fitness shows me that anything is possible. What a lesson to teach my children!!
        Plus it proves that I can persevere through the pain & when I REALLY want to stop. These are great analogies to pull from as I move through life taking on my most challenging and rewarding roles of WIFE and MOMMY!!

        Thanks Kim for that time of reflection!!!

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