Paris is a Beloved City

I am very sad about yesterday’s shootings in Paris. It is such a beautiful, magic place, populated with wonderful, friendly people who enjoy life and rich with history, architecture, art, cuisine and culture.  My heart is heavy for the victims of the shootings and their families, and for all Parisians as they struggle to recover from the shock and horror of the violence.

My tiny contribution to the healing process and return to normalcy is to reinforce the positives. Today’s post is just a quick couple of photos I snapped on my iPhone as part of a texting dialogue with my son while I was walking along the Seine. He traveled with me to Paris 5 years ago and we had an amazing experience, but that is literally another story (click here for “The Thankful Foreigner”).  He has great memories of Paris, and longs to return.

Me:  “I’m at the Pont Neuf!”

My son:  “Photos, please!”

Me:  (photos below)

The Pont Neuf Bridge over the Seine
The Eiffel Tower, way in the distance, from the base of the Post Neuf Bridge

My son:  “Wow! you went on the right day!”

It was after work on a Friday, a glorious afternoon, and I was due to fly out the next morning.  After depositing my computer in my hotel, I walked around for hours, along the Seine, through parks (including the Tuileries Garden), past the Louvre, and down the Champs-Elyseés, absorbing the sights and culture.  Paris is a beloved city of the world, and cannot ever be ruined by individuals or groups doing evil deeds.

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    More hateful violence by bad actors in Paris this week, and therefore, all the more reason to reinforce the goodness and light of that beautiful city. Reblogging this post in solidarity with Parisians and folks all over the world who reject prejudice, hatred, violence and vitriol.

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    Having recently returned from a five day visit to Paris, and with thoughts of that beautiful city still buzzing inside my head, I want to share these words from a fellow blogger with my readers, to share her love of the city, and to share her sadness for what has happened.

  3. Hi, I’m enjoying reading your blog, particularly your articles on Paris. I’m relatively new to blogging myself, but would love to reblog this piece “Paris is a Beloved City” on my site. Would you mind if I do this, and do I simply press the reblog button at the end of your piece? I’m asking because I see the “Copyright” note on your site. Thanks in advance. David

    1. David, thank you so much for your kind words, and of course you may reblog. I’m delighted that you want to share my thoughts and look forward to checking out yours. Just push the reblog button to get started. Kim

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