Visual Haiku for Memorial Day: Fence, Flag and Sky

I posted this picture from Paris last month, with a simple statement:

In Montmartre, I looked up and saw a fence, some flowers and a tower. I love Paris.”


One of the comments on the post was:  

Such vivid color! I love the photograph of the fence/flower/tower….it’s almost something like a visual haiku…”

“Visual haiku”…I like it!!! A collection of three things that make you want to walk into the picture, or learn the story. Or post one of your own.

A New Visual Haiku

So here’s my latest visual haiku, one that is very similar to the first.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to call it derivative.  Maybe I’m doing an iron fence series…but this one is for Memorial Day to honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

At Jackson Square in New Orleans recently, I looked up and saw a fence, our flag, and a bright blue sky.  Let freedom ring!


Happy Memorial Day, not only to Americans everywhere, but to all who have lost loved ones in the cause of freedom.

Copyright 2017, Glover Gardens Cookbook

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