Fondue Stories for You!

An article by Peggy Trowbridge Filippone posted on The Spruce From the Swiss Alps to American suburbs, fondue proves it’s always hip to dip Fondue headlined suburban American theme parties in the 1960s, then pretty quickly fell out of favor, as fads so often do. Americans briefly rediscovered the communal meal in the early ’90s, […]

via The History of Fondue — RecipeReminiscing

I’m on a business trip waiting to board my final flight home, keeping my waning brain engaged by reading posts by bloggers I follow.  This “history of fondue” post catches my attention and I am instantly transported back to Christmases past, with taste memories of my Mom’s wine-laden fondue flooding in and almost crowding out the loudspeaker announcing that my group is boarding. Now safely on the plane, I’m reposting this fondue story, out of season, but a welcome trip down Taste Memory Lane. Come Christmas, you can expect some fondue stories and recipes from yours truly. ‘Til then, enjoy these fun fondue facts.

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