Haiku for My Dad

Earlier this week, I posted the Glover Gardens Father’s Day outdoor cooking gift list, but, as the Beatles sang, the best things in life are free. So here’s a very simple haiku for my Dad.

you are my guidebook;
I am who I am because
you are who you are



Love you, Dad!  You’re the best.

Copyright 2017, Glover Gardens Cookbook

7 thoughts on “Haiku for My Dad

  1. My father was a true gentleman. For 46 years I watched him adore and romance my mother, and by his example I learned that all women are to be cherished and all women are beautiful. When we had our first “talk” between father and son, he impressed upon me that I should always treat the women in my life as I would wish my sister to be treated by someone. I discovered as an adult that not all people learned to speak that language growing up, and it was only late in my life that I found a partner truly receptive to a giving heart. I hope I have passed some of this on to my son, now 34.

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    1. How beautiful! Thank you for this simple rule that affirms the value of gentleness, respect, generosity and compassion. How wonderful that you found the right partner, and that have passed on your father’s legacy to your son. In that way, our fathers live on.

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  2. Thank you so much for your comment, and I’m so sorry for your loss. Even after 16 years, I imagine it is still raw. I am so happy that my words touched you, and very touched that you reached out to tell me. What was your dad like?


    1. A second reply to your beautiful comment – this is so meaningful to me because it makes my sadness over my Dad into something meaningful and helpful to someone else, and therefore extends his impact. I love that you shared your feelings and feel inspired to comment more on the posts of others.

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