It’s the Little Things: A Big Red Hibiscus, a Jar Full of Daisies and Fairy Lights on the Front Porch

The Grill-Meister and I celebrate our 9th anniversary tomorrow; Glover Gardens was “born” on the summer solstice in 2008.

Theresa and me; her red hibiscus telegraphs her huge personality

I was just looking at pictures  from that wonderful weekend of wedding events and saw a photo of the simple daisies that were the decorations at our rehearsal dinner, which was catered by my very good friend who has since gone over the rainbow to the afterlife.  Theresa was something else; a person who just churned and burned with energy and ideas and joy and celebration.  Her huge red hibiscus tells that story, don’t you think? (See A Hurricane Rita Story: No One Understands a Mom Like Another Mom or The Chili Bee and Round Top, Texas – A Little Tale of Community, Chili and Small-Town Magic if you’re interested in walking in our friendship shoes.)

Don’t you just feel the festive nature of that rehearsal dinner evening echoed in the daisies below? They speak of hope and laughter and love. Daisies are such simple flowers, but they almost vibrate and glow in their positivity.


The daisies captured the mood

Another picture that really struck me from the rehearsal dinner was this one, the generous front porch at our wedding venue in the Texas Hill Country.  The “little thing” that stands out in this picture is the mood set by the twinkle lights, or as they call them in the UK, “fairy lights”. Friends and family sat, and talked, and rocked, and told stories for hours on that summer night before our wedding, the beginning of a long tradition of sitting, talking, rocking and story-telling.

The generous front porch with rockers galore at Ruby Ranch in the Texas Hill Country
The Glover Gardens blended family, at the beginning of our story

It’s the little things that make a life, a family, a story, a friendship, a party, a love, a marriage.

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