12 Radical Reasons to Write Poetry

The list in the blog post referenced here is a wonderful and persuasive set of arguments in favor of writing poetry, by a self-proclaimed “shameless and impassioned advocate for the poetic voice as an integral player in an integrated life”.  Kelly Belmonte is the founder and Chief Muse of All Nine, and, in her words, “offers just a few of the best reasons to give a go at writing a poem every now and then”. Read them here: 12 Radical Reasons to Write Poetry.

The header for the All Nine blog, the nine being a reference to the nine sister muses of Greek mythology who represent multiple domains of creativity and intelligence. 

My own “radical reason” to write (poetry, essays, blog posts) is quite simple: the words dwell within me, but have a life of their own and must be released. What’s yours?


4 thoughts on “12 Radical Reasons to Write Poetry

  1. When people are unwilling to listen,
    When the mob is against my belief,
    When I am pushing against the currents
    Then usually
    An empty flyleaf lends me an ear.
    My simple reason to write,
    A necessity to breathe.

    1. Thank you for the response poem; “an empty flyleaf lends me an ear” being a wonderful way to capture that strong need to express thoughts and feelings. Your poetry blog is excellent.

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