Bisquick: A Justifiable Exception to the “Low on the Food Chain” Rule – AKA – Don’t These Blueberry Biscuits Look Good?

I ranted yesterday about eating as low on the food chain as possible, waxing poetic (in my own mind, at least) about being a locavore, avoiding pre-mixed, processed foods with unnecessary additives and preservatives, and and making dishes from scratch whenever you can. Read it here.

I also ‘fessed up that I don’t always follow those rules. There are a some defensible exceptions.

One such exception is Bisquick. I always have Bisquick on hand.


I really shouldn’t be a Bisquick-er, because it is super-easy to make biscuits or pancakes from scratch. And we very rarely have biscuits or pancakes.

But that’s not why we have Bisquick in our larder.

It’s the Sweet Potato Biscuits. Read about them here at Sweet Potato Biscuits: Family History, Love on a Plate, or you can just infer how special they are from the title and the pics below.

Sweet Potato Biscuits just aren’t as good if you make the biscuit part of the dough from scratch. It sounds ridiculous, but I have tried it multiple times, and the Bisquick baking mix is part of the magic. My grandmother was famous for her scratch-made yeast rolls, but even she used Bisquick for her Sweet Potato Biscuits. She was the GODDESS of Sweet Potato Biscuits.

So hopefully I’ve convinced you that Bisquick is a reasonable exception to the “low on the food chain” rule. And now, since the Bisquick is there in the pantry, here’s something cool you can do with it: Blueberry Biscuits.

My Aunt-Mom had spare blueberries and some Bisquick and a hankering for a quick breakfast, and voila! Doesn’t that look good, and super-easy? Pretty enough for company…


Follow the recipe on the Bisquick box to make biscuits. Add 1/2 to 1 cup blueberries. Bake. Eat. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Bisquick: A Justifiable Exception to the “Low on the Food Chain” Rule – AKA – Don’t These Blueberry Biscuits Look Good?

  1. I keep Bisquick on hand too, but don’t use it very often. I have a freezer devoted to flours, nuts, grains etc. to keep them fresh.

    I like to patronize local farmers’ markets and produce stands, but I also refuse to deny my international tastes.

    1. Bingo! “International tastes” (and the products to gratify them) would be another of the justifiable exceptions, along with condiments. I’m going to have to get smart like you are and start using the freezer.

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