Handmade Gifts are the Best!

Things are just things, but things made by hand are transcendent things. I love a handmade item, whether it was an amateur labor of love by someone I know, a commercial product from a skilled artisan, or somewhere in between.

You’ve read about my favorite possessions, my cutting boards from my Dad (click here). They are even more precious now that he’s gone.

My Dad made this one for Christmas 2015

Understanding how meaningful these are to me, very close friends gave me a special handmade knife soon after Dad died this summer. It “fits” with the handmade items Dad made; the selection below is the last cutting board he made for me (2015), a bread slicer from the late 90s, and wine stoppers he made about 8 years ago.  In front, you’ll see the new knife and its resting block from my friends.  It was a very thoughtful gift.


Dad’s work falls in that in-between category – his handmade items were definitely a labor of love, and his skill level was approaching artisan.

Below is a closeup of the new knife from my friends, in action. It is lovely, with a steel that extends through the handle.


This is a non-commercial blog, but I do like to recommend things now and again. The gentleman who made this lovely knife can be found on Instagram at knumb_skullz_knife_worxx.

Copyright 2017, Glover Gardens


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