Wedding Photos in the City of Love

On a very cold walkabout in Paris last Sunday, I saw newlyweds being photographed along the banks of the Seine on the magnificent steps of the Pont Alexandre III (a bridge).

Enchanted, I stopped, and watched, and imagined their life together. Parisians out walking went about their day.


I love Paris.

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8 thoughts on “Wedding Photos in the City of Love

    1. Yes, last week! (But no time for sightseeing, alas). The only time I’ve made it inside of Notre Dame (after years of photographing the exterior) was this summer, just after my Dad died. One of the big stained glass windows had a single open panel, and it made me think of his soul flying around (see ). Anyway, your photos are lovely, and gave me that same soul-expanding feeling I felt when I was there.

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