Rabbit, Run!

Nature is all the entertainment we need here at Little House in the Rockies, our little cabin in Central Colorado. It’s a wonderful getaway from the busyness and frenetic pace of everyday life, an oasis of mindfulness.

This morning, our entertainment was a rabbit, a cute little Peter Cottontail who hopped up to enjoy the seeds the careless birds were strewing from the feeder.

He was a shy little thing.


He hopped away when I approached with my camera, but I caught him mid-jump.

Bunny Rabbit, Mid-Hop

Rabbit, run! (No reference to the John Updike novel intended; well, not much, anyway.)

It’s the little things.

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8 thoughts on “Rabbit, Run!

  1. Fun to find your blog Kim– love your photography and style and sense of humor. Plus it looks like you live in such a beautiful place! We’re in So. Calif. — no cute bunnies in the yard here. Sweet post.

    1. Thank you so much for your affirmation of my beloved hobby – sharing in this blog. Especially the comment about my sense of humor! I’m not clever-funny or laugh-out-loud funny, just wry/subtle-funny, which to many folks isn’t funny at all. You made my day! And you may not have bunnies, but I’d trade your continuous 72 degrees for a few wabbits any time!

  2. Rabbit watching! It makes me smile. We live in the country and the bunnies delight us with their running games and curiosity.These simple pleasures bring so much joy to our lives. Cheers Virginia

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