Still Not a Fan of Beets…Strange In-Flight Sandwich

With apologies to the airline, I was really surprised by the flavors in the complimentary sandwich Air France served on a recent flight.

Chévre / Betterave  /Framboise


Goat Cheese / Beet / Raspberry

You heard me right – the dreaded beet in a sandwich meant for the general public. Curses!

It’s probably the only French cuisine I’ve ever tasted and disliked. I DO NOT LIKE BEETS. What a waste of the goat cheese and raspberries.


Read more about the beet problem here at I Hate Beets. There’s even a haiku. And surprisingly, lots of comments. Like politics at the moment, beets are a polarizing topic.

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They look pretty, but they taste like dirt.

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17 thoughts on “Still Not a Fan of Beets…Strange In-Flight Sandwich

    1. We are kindred spirits! I also hate lima beans, perhaps with a passion more fervent than my loathing of beets. Limas just don’t come up as often, for some reason. My mother liked them both, too, and once made me take a lima bean like a pill because I refused to eat it. We laughed about it later…a long time later.

    1. Tanja, that is a great suggestion (and worthy of your creative writing skills), but the other way to put that is “tasting like dirt”. Somehow I fall to the latter rather than the former. But good try!

      1. I recently learned that certain foods are detested because the individual has a sensitive olfactory receptor-gene or a sensitive taste receptor-gene. In other words, whether or not one likes or dislikes a food may sometimes be beyond their control.

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