Haiku – Oops! Love me as I am.



I made a mistake yesterday by believing WordPress that my hastily-written post Homeward Bound, published from seat 8A on a small Embraer 175 aircraft, failed to upload. So I pushed the “Publish” button once more, as the plane revved up on the runway at Reagan National Airport.

Then I happily changed the iPad to airplane mode and settled in to finish a murder mystery set in Paris (Cara Black’s Murder at the Lanterne Rouge, for my fellow mystery lovers and Francophiles).
This morning, I noticed that there are two identical Homeward Bound posts at the top of the Glover Gardens blog – oops! For some reason, this makes me smile. An “oops” haiku instantly springs to mind:

i’m amused by my
obvious imperfection
love me as I am

I’m going to keep both versions on the blog as a reminder to myself that I’m flawed, but still lovable. As are you – would you agree?

Oops haiku

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7 thoughts on “Haiku – Oops! Love me as I am.

  1. Indeed we all have our flaws, but what is it they say? You are never failing if you are learning from it. So maybe instead of flaws it is life giving us opportunities to show ourselves we can do things better….that we CAN

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