London’s Jekyll and Hyde Park

London’s Hyde Park has multiple personalities, and that’s a good thing.

During the holidays, there’s the excited frenzy of families enjoying Winter Wonderland. It is all that if you’re into that kind of thing – and lots of folks are, let me tell you. Hordes. Masses. Gleeful sticky-faced children clamoring for that next ride on the Ferris wheel or another hot chocolate, serious shoppers searching for treasures at the Christmas Market, ice skaters at every skill level gliding around and around the rink. It’s an experience.

Photo from Visit London

But Hyde Park is a big, big place. If neon, joyful shrieks of small children and hot dog vendors aren’t your thing, you can ease on over to the other side of the Serpentine and take a quiet walk along its banks.

That’s what I did. 

That’s what the waterfowl did, too. 

There were others, but only a few.

It was lovely.

Those Brits are smart, with their multiple-personality parks. There’s something for everyone, even the birds.

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12 thoughts on “London’s Jekyll and Hyde Park

      1. We just got back to NOLA yesterday. For the first time in a couple of years, NJ played a Christmas show with her “gal band” as she puts it. She flew home with a bit of a heavy head… hahahahaha.

      2. I thought I answered this last night. Not much of one. We were finishing the entire tour in South America when I received word that NJ’s dad had died. The trip home was hellish. We still owe the people of Brazil two shows.

      3. When we fly domestic we fly AA, because of all the things they did to get us home including the captain, who made sure we were blown through US Customs and Immigration and transported to the Admirals Club in one of those little carts, where we met her mom. She didn’t even play the encore set. The Candles, her touring band, did.

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