Bye-Bye Barbie

December 8, 2018

Bye-Bye Barbie

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We’re doing my 87-year-old mother-in-law a favor by selling a few of her Barbie dolls on eBay.

There are lots and lots of Barbies on eBay, but not many of them have exquisitely hand-crocheted outfits in their wardrobes. My mother-in-law is a genius with the crochet needle.

Look at the detail in that gorgeous petticoat!

I took pictures for this effort and grew contemplative – it’s a different world than the one in which these Barbies were the gift of choice for little girls.

And that’s a good thing. A thing to celebrate.

Barbie may still be with us, but the automatic “dolls for girls” association is an anachronism. 

Bye-bye, Barbie.

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1 thought on “Bye-Bye Barbie”

  • Neither of us had Barbie, but I had Sindy and my sister had Tressy (her hair grew when you pressed a button on her stomach). Sindy looked like a teenager, Tressy was of Barbie proportions which I found puzzling. My mum also made small costumes, but she knitted. Both dolls and outfits are long gone. I loved dolls, but I also wanted a toy farm for Christmas one year and was dismayed when the ladies at church told me that was a boy’s toy. I got it anyway! I’m not sure how much better things are now – I think they got better then regressed. All the pink plastic marketed at girls these days.

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