Snow Fallin’ and Bacon Fryin’

“Desperate times call for desperate measures,”

said the Grill-Meister as he fired up the outdoor burner to cook bacon in 5° weather.

It was also snowing.

We don’t cook bacon inside because our tiny cabin will retain the smell for days. That marvelous aroma that warms your cockles when it’s freshly cooked and ready to eat becomes your worst enemy later, don’t you think? The Grill-Meister was definitely “taking one for the team” when he fried up the bacon on the snowy porch.

The steam from the bacon warmed The Grill-Meister and the whole mountain smelled great; I wondered if the bears would wake up

Simple food tastes really great in the mountains: scrambled eggs with peppers and sausage, bacon and drop biscuits were a New Year’s breakfast fit for royalty.

It’s the little things.

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8 thoughts on “Snow Fallin’ and Bacon Fryin’

  1. My significant other, Richard, loves to cook these particular foods (and sometimes with potatoes too) for our breakfast. I can’t always eat that much, but I do love the smell of it cooking.

  2. I once did some masonry work for a fellow the day before Thanksgiving. Just as I was finishing up snow flurries started blowing around and there was more snow in the forecast. He told me that he cooks his Thanksgiving turkey on the back porch every year regardless of the weather. I respect that.

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