Dog Haiku for Humans

This is Luna.

She runs, jumps and plays. She loves her life with her humans, The Girl Who is Always Hungry and The Best Eater.

Luna wrote a haiku to accompany her portrait below and telepathically transmitted it to me through the camera lens.

you could make my day
if only you understood –
pick it up! throw it!

I really appreciate Luna’s haiku contribution, which is kicking off the Glover Gardens participation in National Haiku Writing Month (NaHaiWriMo). More to come!

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8 thoughts on “Dog Haiku for Humans

  1. She is a lovely dog, and has a gentle and spiritual character. I love dogs and have six little rescues of my own plus a rescue cat, two huge goldfish and two alien catfish. So I definitely can relate to your Haiku and your beautiful pet. Lovely.

    1. Wow, six rescues! Thank you for your contribution to the universe – in addition to the wonderful work you did as a teacher. Caring for animals makes the world a better place. I know several other folks who foster rescue animals and really respect that work. Good on you!

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