Orange Blossom Haiku

Orange Blossom Haiku

By all anecdotal measures from the folks ’round here it’s the coldest and wettest spring we’ve ever had in these parts, but our steadfast orange tree is putting its energy into blossoms anyway. I like that. Even though we’re all depressed with the seemingly endless gray dreariness, the orange tree has faith in the future being bright and sunny.

orange blossoms:
a promise delivered
by sunshine
Orange Blossom
A brave little blossom, bursting into being during a cold and wet spring.

I love the cycle of blossoms turning into tiny green nubs that take their time growing bigger through the summer and fall, finally ripening to be ready for harvest in January. And then they will grace us with their nectar-like juice. A circle of life, indeed!

The January 2019 harvest, ready for juicing

The juice from our oranges is glorious. I got all fanciful and took a portrait of a glass of it at the Glover Gardens bar. I call this photo Straight, No Chaser, because you don’t need to mix it with anything.

Straight, No Chaser

Happy (cold and wet) spring!

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