The History of Gumbo, from Eater via One of The Wonderfuls

January 14, 2020

The History of Gumbo, from Eater via One of The Wonderfuls


Y’all know how we feel about gumbo here at Glover Gardens. Love is not too strong a word for it. Like all gumbo-makers and gumbo-lovers, we have our own history with it. There’s an ongoing series about it here in the Glover Gardens blog.

But now, courtesy of the website Eater, there’s a terrific overview of the history of gumbo – all gumbo.

The History of Gumbo: It Starts with the Roux. Behind every bowl of gumbo, there’s a complex history.

by Nikesha Williams, in Eater
The gumbo at New Orleans restaurant Dooky Chase –
 photo by Josh Brasted

If you’re a gumbo-lover, the article is a good read. It’s a clear-eyed history – including the dark era of slavery – of how we got to this “fusion of culinary creativity that all landed in one massive pot”.

How did I find out about this article? One of The Wonderfuls, a long-time Glover Gardens reader who publishes the Storyteller blog, sent it to me. How awesome is that? Thanks, Ray! It’s now a part of the Glover Gardens Gumbo Series. And I’ve made progress on the recipe, which will be published here soon, I promise.

See the rest of the Gumbo Series here.

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