While Waiting for Hurricane Harvey, Here’s a Hurricane Rita Story: No One Understands a Mom Like Another Mom

As we hunker down here in Southeast Texas waiting for Hurricane Harvey, previous hurricanes have been on my mind.  When you live within striking distance of the Gulf Coast, you have a hurricane story (or four) to share, and I thought this would be a good time to once again post this epic tale of the mass evacuation from Hurricane Rita and how it became the memory of a lifetime for two moms and three small boys.

If you decide to read it – and I hope you do! – be prepared to “sit a spell” (as my grandmother used to say), and maybe grab a coffee or a chardonnay to sip while you put yourself in our shoes.

Ten years after Hurricane Rita, I shared this remembrance of the mass evacuation from Southeast Texas and how it became an adventure. Now it can entertain us while we we to see what Harvey brings.

Read the story here: A Hurricane Rita Story: No One Understands a Mom Like Another Mom | Glover Gardens Cookbook

And watch this space for any new adventures that Harvey may bring as we shelter in place here at Glover Gardens. We are not in the direct path of Harvey’s landfall, but definitely in the big-time after-Harvey flood zone party. That’s us just northwest of the big “H” in Houston below.


Glover Gardens never floods up into the house (“God willing and the creek don’t rise!”), but our pine trees don’t do well with standing water. Just last year with had a bit of a problem with a trees coming down during a flood, and perhaps a tornado (click here for the post, called If a Tree Falls on a House, Does Anyone Hear It?).


It used to be the outdoor kitchen


We’re all put back together now, and hope that Harvey lets us stay that way! Prayers and good wishes for everyone in his path.

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