Coming Along, Another New Jazz Composition for Your Saturday Listening Pleasure

Another new jazz composition from the Musical Millennial! It’s a hopeful, lilting, happy tune that still has depth and complexity. I love how the thin, reedy sound of the melodica is balanced by the warmth of the guitars. Or maybe I should just say, I love it!, and stop posing as a music critic.

I also love the specificity of the credits (shown below, or you can see them if you click all the way through using this link):

  • Released July 25, 2018
  • Composed by Thomas Wenglinski 
  • Joel White: Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Bass, Handclaps
  •  Thomas Wenglinski: Melodica, Keyboards/Synthesizers, Percussion, Handclaps, Whistling

Good to know who’s doing the handclaps! 🙂

What’s the full story? Well, you’ve heard all about our Musical Millennial if you’re a Glover Gardens blog follower. And his very talented friends who are also jazz studies / jazz composition / jazz performance majors in college. And the music they produce so prolifically.

But if you haven’t, you might check out this recent post, The Jazzy Sounds of Summer at Glover Gardens to find some enlightenment, or just scroll through the musical content in the blog using the Music tab in the menu bar above or this link.

Thomas Wenglinski and Joel White
Thomas Wenglinski, AKA the Musical Millennial, on the left, with his frequent collaboration partner Joel White; photo creds to Mallory Frenza

Whether you stream for free to listen, or buy to download and keep (he’d prefer the latter!), I hope Coming Along enhances an already-lovely Saturday for you.

As it has for me. Saturday is Coming Along nicely.

© 2018, Glover Gardens


4 thoughts on “Coming Along, Another New Jazz Composition for Your Saturday Listening Pleasure

    1. Wow, you heard the fully mixed version before I did… I will share the Spotify / aggregator advice. He mentioned something about multiple channels for the release of the full “album”, but I didn’t get any details. So glad you liked it – and thanks for listening. It is really cool watching him spread his wings. (You know the feeling.)

      1. We subscribed to him. After reading his influences, his music makes perfect sense. An aggregator takes the place of a record label for an indy musician.As long as he is writing his own music, royalties should be continuous. Better to release a song when it’s ready (these days) because you keep up a flow of publicity without having to d big public relations runs.

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