New Jazz Composition: “New Flame” (Awesome!)

Our musical millennial is at it again. Click below for his latest composition, New Flame, recorded at the November 17 performance of the University of Texas at Austin Jazz Orchestra, under the director of Department Head and Professor Jeffrey Hellmer.

Enjoy. (I think it is awesome.)

Composition copyright Thomas Wenglinski, 2017


Sunday Jazz Mass with Diane Schuur – Today in Austin

jazz-at-stjames-logo-1Glover Gardens readers and friends have heard about our musician in college studying jazz composition. More than once.  He’s a sophomore at the University of Texas in Austin’s Butler School of Music and is having a wonderful experience in a town that’s well-known for its vibrant music scene.  This weekend, he’s in one of the groups playing at the 23rd annual Jazz at St. James festival; the headliner is Diane Schuur. He’s a “side man” (on piano) in the John Mills Quintet (see Meet the Artists). This morning at 11:00, there’s a free Jazz Mass:

The Jazz Mass is a divine celebration of music and the spirit. Two-time Grammy award winner Diane Schuur will be singing and playing piano, joined by the St. James’ Episcopal Church Choir, John Mills, Joe Morales and others. It’s a church service with soul. Don’t miss it!”

Doesn’t that sound GREAT!? I wish I could be there. This is an amazing experience for my son, who will play again this morning at the mass. He was surprised to see his biography in the program when he arrived for the Friday night set.


If you’re in Austin today, this might be a great way to start your Sunday.

Poster and cover art from Jazz at St. James


Jazz at St. James is sponsored by the Austin Jazz Society.  This sounds like a group I should join, post-haste!


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New Appreciation for “Alternative Music”: Sleepyheart’s “Just Friends”

Dear readers, y’all know I love music -all kinds of music – but I’m the most partial to jazz that is composed or played by my son, our Musical Millennial. I’ve shared his stuff here fairly often, and there’s a ton more to come as he makes his way through the rest of his college career studying Jazz Composition at the University of Texas at Austin and gets out into the big world. Watch this space – he’s going places! (I’m his mom and I can say that, right?)

But my son’s is not the only millennial-made music we’re watching. Here’s another for you: Sleepyheart, the creation of Nathaniel James Goldblatt. We bought a copy of the CD a few weeks ago and I finally had a quiet moment to listen to it (see photo below with the cat).  I really like it! The music genre is “alternative,” which I’ve never really embraced as a category because it is so broad and vague, and I’ll admit, there’s just too much going on in the songs for me to feel anything but edgy. But wow, I must have that genre all wrong, because this music is very listenable and accessible, with meaningful lyrics and well-crafted melodies that are lilting in some places and contemplative in others. There is a balance of energetic layers of sound and quiet spaces with just guitar rhythms that give you time to let the meaning sink in. In other words: I like it! I have a new appreciation for alternative music.

Nathaniel Autographing CD
Nathaniel of Sleepyheart autographing our copy of the CD “Just Friends”

Check out a video of the song “Sorry” from Sleepyheart’s Facebook page and let me know what you think. (I think it’s lovely.)


Photo from a recent gig at the hip and cool Root Cellar Bakery in San Marcos by Christian Hume Photography 

I listened to Just Friends again while writing this post, and realized that I should always listen to music when blogging. It really sets the mood. The CD was also very complementary to the mood the first time I listened to it, by the pool, in beautiful fall weather, with a glass of wine and a good book. And my cat Fiona.


Check out Sleepyheart’s Just Friends EP online at:

Our signed copy

Just a reminder – recommendations are my opinion only…the Glover Gardens Cookbook is a non-commercial enterprise and doesn’t do paid promotions.

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Cover photo credits to Christian Hume Photography 



Coldplay: “Houston, you got to keep on keepin’ on”

Awesome, Coldplay. Just awesome.

In yesterdays post, How You Can Help Texas Right Now, I said:

Sometimes even the simplest expression of encouragement resonates and becomes a rallying cry.

Coldplay gave us a rallying cry, indeed! The band had to postpone last Friday night’s concert here in Houston because of Hurricane Harvey, and used their spare time to write a song for us, playing it last night in Miami.  The refrain ends with:

Houston, you got to keep on keeping’ on.

Watch it here:

The Lyrics

I’m dreamin’ of when I get back to Houston
I’m dreamin’ of that very special place.
I’m dreamin’ of when Houston has no problems
In that city where they send you into space.
I’m dreamin’ of when I get back to Texas
Corpus Christi, Harris County, Galveston.
There’s a harmony that bonds down there in Houston
Oh, Houston, you got to keep on keepin’ on.
From Miami, we are sending love to Houston
We’re praying that you make it through the rain.
I know nothing’s gonna break the will of Houston
Oh, how we can’t wait to go down there again.
I am dreamin’ of when I get back to Texas
Corpus Christi, Harris County, Galveston.
There’s a harmony that bonds down there in Houston
Oh, Houston you got to keep on keepin’ on.
Oh, Houston you got to keep on keepin’ on.
Yea, Houston got to keep on keepin’ on.


Awesome, just awesome.

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 ~ except for the Coldplay stuff and cover photo by Brent N. Clarke, Brent N. Clarke/Invision/AP

New Jazz Composition, “A Modern Requiem” – a Tribute to a Wonderful Grandfather

Followers of this blog will have read about our last millennial in college, the young musician majoring in Jazz Composition at the University of Texas. I’d like to call Thomas the Glover Gardens resident composer, except that he won’t be in residence much longer because he heads to Austin for his sophomore year in just a couple of days. A prolific composer, Thomas has just completed another original and posted the recording on the streaming service Bandcamp.

This one is really lovely – evocative, thoughtful, pensive – and extra-special to me because he dedicated it to his late grandfather (my Dad). They were close, and my Dad was so very proud of my son’s musical talent.

I hope you’ll click and give it a listen.

Thomas Frank Harvell and Thomas Wenglinski at Glover Gardens in the summer of 2016

There will be a lot more original jazz to come, and the posts below provide some of his previous compositions, if you just can’t wait.

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cover photo credit to Mallory Frenza

Jazz and Conversation for Your Listening Pleasure

Glover Gardens followers have by now realized that we have a millennial studying jazz composition in college.  Here’s another one of his originals, AustiNite, performed by the University of Texas at Austin’s extremely talented Spring 2017 Jazz Orchestra. It’s preceded by a cool interview about the tune and the creation process, all of which was used as part of a jazz appreciation course this semester.

Other Music from Our Prolific Millennial

Below is his newest digital album, And Then I Have Thoughts.


There’s more jazz and conversation in the posts below.  Stick around, there will be a lot more coming over the next few years.

A Little More Music for a Sunday Evening: Freedom of Expression by Thomas Wenglinski

This is becoming a thing, posting my son’s music.  I’ll probably need a better title  for the series than “A Little More Music…” since the kid will be composing and performing jazz to share with the world for years to come.

Here’s his latest, Freedom of Expression.  It is written in “a variety of key centers to illustrate the same theme in different, fluid ways”, he says.  (I think that’s musician-speak for “I got creative”.)

Performed by the University of Texas Spring 2017 Jazz Ensemble on March 2, with the (shaky) video captured by yours truly, here is Freedom of Expression, for your Sunday evening listening pleasure.

Other Music from Our Prolific Millennial


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