It’s the Little Things: A Big Red Hibiscus, a Jar Full of Daisies and Fairy Lights on the Front Porch

The Grill-Meister and I celebrate our 9th anniversary tomorrow; Glover Gardens was “born” on the summer solstice in 2008.

Theresa and me; her red hibiscus telegraphs her huge personality

I was just looking at pictures  from that wonderful weekend of wedding events and saw a photo of the simple daisies that were the decorations at our rehearsal dinner, which was catered by my very good friend who has since gone over the rainbow to the afterlife.  Theresa was something else; a person who just churned and burned with energy and ideas and joy and celebration.  Her huge red hibiscus tells that story, don’t you think? (See A Hurricane Rita Story: No One Understands a Mom Like Another Mom or The Chili Bee and Round Top, Texas – A Little Tale of Community, Chili and Small-Town Magic if you’re interested in walking in our friendship shoes.)

Don’t you just feel the festive nature of that rehearsal dinner evening echoed in the daisies below? They speak of hope and laughter and love. Daisies are such simple flowers, but they almost vibrate and glow in their positivity.


The daisies captured the mood

Another picture that really struck me from the rehearsal dinner was this one, the generous front porch at our wedding venue in the Texas Hill Country.  The “little thing” that stands out in this picture is the mood set by the twinkle lights, or as they call them in the UK, “fairy lights”. Friends and family sat, and talked, and rocked, and told stories for hours on that summer night before our wedding, the beginning of a long tradition of sitting, talking, rocking and story-telling.

The generous front porch with rockers galore at Ruby Ranch in the Texas Hill Country
The Glover Gardens blended family, at the beginning of our story

It’s the little things that make a life, a family, a story, a friendship, a party, a love, a marriage.

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Distant not so Distant

I love this beautiful expression of appreciation for those who are closest.

In the World of Thoughts


. . . A glimpse of my world. . .

( Just couldn’t find any frame with all of you, so please forgive me)

There are millions and millions in this World,

A few millions in the country,

A million or so in the State,

A few thousands in the town,

A few hundred in the area,

A hundred or so in the neighborhood,

A few in the same house,

But the one residing in my heart,

I can count on my fingers tips,

They are never Distant from my thoughts,

As they are in my Gratitude list everyday.

Copyright (c) 2017 Namrata D Prabhakar

All rights reserved

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Haiku for My Dad

Earlier this week, I posted the Glover Gardens Father’s Day outdoor cooking gift list, but, as the Beatles sang, the best things in life are free. So here’s a very simple haiku for my Dad.

you are my guidebook;
I am who I am because
you are who you are



Love you, Dad!  You’re the best.

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A Plethora of Father’s Day Gift Ideas

fathers-dayThere is no reason anyone in the universe should be stumped for a Father’s Day gift in these days of the digital universe.  I’m already all set in my gifting for my own Dad, the Grill-Meister (the Dad in my household), and my father-in-law, but I keep bumping into online lists of Dad’s Day gifts every time I crack open the computer:

So I thought I would just jump right onto that bandwagon and publish a short list of my own, with illustrations.

Glover Gardens Suggestions for Father’s Day Gifts

(AKA Gifts for Any Occasion for Anyone Who Loves Outdoor Cooking)

OK, what you’re looking at here is the grill gazebo.  This was the Grill-Meister’s Father’s Day / Anniversary gift last year.  It’s a hard top, and you can find it at Lowe’s.  There’s also a less expensive canvas top version.

6930707000291 Below is how it looks in our backyard at Glover Gardens.

Gloverhenge and Grill Gazebo
The grill gazebo makes the grill station look professional
There’s room for the grill and the smoker, too; that’s the greenhouse in the background

So, in addition to the grill gazebo idea for Father’s Day, perhaps it’s time for your Grill-Meister to upgrade his barbecue grill.  The Grill-Meister had an oil-drum style grill for years until it rusted and then got battered by tornado-felled trees (see If a Tree Falls on the House, Does Anyone Hear It?).  That was a sad day.

Disaster in the form of tornado-felled trees struck the previous grill

The new grill, delivered with love as an anniversary gift last year, is a Weber Performer Deluxe, also available at Lowe’s.


This Weber Performance Deluxe grill is The BOMB, because it has a propane ignition system that allows you to use charcoal as quickly as you can use a gas grill, making it a viable weeknight option.

All of this grilling goodness under one rain-proof gazebo!

The smoker is also a downright solid Father’s Day gift.  In addition to being a Dad-pleaser, it is a gift that keeps on giving.  See Tom’s Smoked Salmon for more info about our smoker and a killer recipe for smoked salmon.

MasterBuilt Smoker
This is the current smoker the Glover Garden Grill-Meister uses to create smoky goodness.

Check out those beautiful smoked chickens.

Smoked chickens on the Weber grill’s ample side counter
See how nicely the grill gazebo fits into the Glover Gardens landscape?

Just a reminder of the disclaimer on my About page:  All recommendations are based on personal opinion and experience and should not be considered as advertisements.

Happy Father’s Day!

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It’s a Grand Old Flag

Flying above the Alma Music Festival in Colorado

No commentary today, just pictures of the U.S flag to honor and celebrate Flag Day.

Well, maybe a little commentary.

I love that I live in a country where free speech is protected, the government is strengthened by a complicated but fairly competent web of checks and balances, and we continue to evolve.  The process can be messy, raucous and sometimes even heartbreaking, but for me, those are the things that the flag represents.  In baby steps, we grow and mature, then sometimes slither backward a bit; we swing back and forth between parties like a monkey in a jungle.  Even given all that, this ship of state of ours has been one of the most sturdy for the better part of its 241 years.

It’s a grand old flag.

Flying proudly in Jackson Square in New Orleans
1410782_10202308616347512_2144783120_o (1)
There’s no mistaking where you are when you see this flag at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C.
Thornton Winery in Temecula, CA proudly flies the flag over their beautiful terrace
The main band fundraiser for Klein Oak High School is delivery of flags on patriotic holidays; it sure was hot when we delivered them for Independence Day a few years ago
I snapped these during a tour of the Diplomatic Reception Rooms at the State Department
Another from the State Department
The sky is a beautiful backdrop for this flag in a huge Marriott in Washington, DC
We always hang the flag when we are at Little House in the Rockies
From another angle at Little House in the Rockies
A huge flag flies at South Coast Winery’s restaurant in Temecula, CA

These are all just photos I happened to have of flags…I think I might be a bit compulsive about it.  It’s a grand old flag.

P.S.  I just realized that Flag Day is one of only a very few national days that isn’t associated with any particular type of food.  Hmmm, maybe next year we should start something!

Happy Flag Day!

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Days of Wine and Roses

The Grill-Meister and I have spent an enjoyable few days with friends in the Temecula Valley, which sports over 50 wineries.  There is much to share from this “Wine for No Reason” outing, but this post is just a few photos emphasizing the special relationship between wine and roses.

Many of the vineyards feature healthy, mature, blossom-covered rose bushes, some scattered across the property, and some smack-dab at the ends of the rows of vines.  The “why” behind this, we learned, is that roses and grape vines are susceptible to the same types of fungal diseases. The roses function as an early warning system for the vines when they display signs of illness, sort of like the canary in the coal mine.  They also attract beneficial insects that attack bugs that prey on vines.

Finally, they’re just beautiful, providing a riot of color amongst the greenery that is both vine and grape.


Yours truly admiring the riot of color at Hart Winery