Reading and writing are part of the pulse of life here at Glover Gardens
Reading and writing are part of the pulse of life here at Glover Gardens

Cooking and gardening are my creative passions; they are messy but rewarding hobbies that let me get my hands dirty and balance out the sterility of the office environment where I spend my waking hours during the week.  But I have other loves – travel, reading and writing.  I’ve just started blogging about travel (click here), and this is where I am collecting my musings, both silly and serious.


How Far is Heaven? Remembering Kim-n-Steve


My brother and I used to joke that if we wrote a book together, its title would be Surviving the Perfect Childhood. Its theme would be dealing with the real world after emerging from the tranquil, untroubled, near-paradise of our early lives. This little memoir is a brief look at our wonderful childhood journey and how he reached out to me after death to share a beautiful song, Heaven.  Read the story here.

A Hurricane Rita Story:  No One Understands a Mom Like Another Mom

Featured Image -- 402It has been ten years since the stark horrors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans influenced thousands of Southeast Texas residents to flee the oncoming Hurricane Rita just a few weeks later. This is a true story, a quiet little reminiscence, of two moms who evacuated together with young sons and learned a little bit about life and friendship along the way.  Read the story here.


Celebrating Ruth

IMG_0228There was a large gathering for my grandmother’s 90th birthday five years ago, and I wrote a poem at that time to celebrate her life. A smaller group of us joined her this year for her 95th, and we read the poem once again. Read the poem here, along with its original introduction.

Now You Know

On my grandparents' sailboat, in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, in the mid-70s

A short poem honoring my brother’s memory on his 49th birthday.

Click here to read it.


So much to write haiku about – so little time!  Actually, there’s plenty of time…writing haiku is what gets me through long waits in longer lines, traffic snarls and unpleasant medical procedures.  It also helps me put my smile back on in other annoying situations, like when there is only one ripe avocado left on a holiday weekend – and a barely-clothed girl-child snatches it.

Haiku for July 4 at the Grocery Store

Chic in Daisy Dukes
Bends, grabs last avocado
O’ say can you see!?

More Haiku (click to read)

The Grill-Meister’s Writing

The Grill-Meister's sequel to The Last Shuttle is called Sentinel
The Grill-Meister’s sequel to The Last Shuttle is called Sentinel

The Glover Gardens Grill-Meister is an author and a renaissance man.  Click here to view the books page on his author site.  Note:  it’s Sci-fi that is palatable to people who don’t like Sci-fi.  Kinda like his smoked salmon is revered by people who don’t like fish.  Go figure…

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