New Orleans Noir

May 25, 2019

New Orleans Noir


“Don’t take the picture, let the picture take you,” is a terrific ‘philosophy of photography’ tip I learned from the Storyteller blog.

Ray Laskowitz, The Storyteller Blog

That’s how this photo happened. I looked up from a history walking tour during our last trip to New Orleans and the building practically screamed at me to photograph it. The balcony, the clouds, the shadows, oh my!!! I felt like Humphrey Bogart was going to burst out onto the third floor balcony and run down the fire escape, like in one of his marvelous film noir roles.

New Orleans Noir

I didn’t have my camera (curses!), but the iPhone was just fine. I knew when I took the picture that it should be in black and white, in fact, I saw it in black and white in my mind when I was taking the photo, but didn’t know that my iPhone could shoot in B&W. Now I do. There’s so much to learn!

The same image, in color

It’s just not the same in color…it’s ordinary, and almost welcoming, not at all the broody moody scene of film noir and Mr. Bogart’s imagined escape from the bad guys. Are you with me on this?

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