Speed and Quality Don’t Always Go Together

May 23, 2022

Speed and Quality Don’t Always Go Together


Hello friends! It’s a quick post today, a mea culpa / confession. 

I’ve been super-busy for months and months, and time for blogging has been extremely limited. I really enjoy sharing with you here, though, and have about 15 posts rattling around in my head, in draft form or on my super-long Blog Ideas list. I want to get back into the swing of frequent blogging, esp. since several people have reached out to me lately (here and elsewhere) referencing some of my recommendations and how they’ve been helpful. That’s so validating!!

A good time to blog recently has been on an airplane while on a pleasure trip, after boarding (Group 1), waiting for the plane to fill up and take off. I’m strapped in and trapped there in the seat, and it’s a great way to be productive and make the most of the time. 

So on the way to Albuquerque for my cousin’s son’s wedding last Thursday night, I quickly whipped out the last Sandwich Wednesday post. It was a simple follow-up entry to share what The Grill-Meister had made with my Cilantro Pesto, and I had the pictures from my iPhone ready. Pics like this:

It only took about 25 minutes to complete that post about the marvelous panini, and I clicked “Publish” just as the plane was backing away from the gate.

The same process happened yesterday as we were sitting on a small plane waiting to head back to Houston from Albuquerque. This post was something I’d been thinking about for a while, how wrong I can be when I make assumptions, as shown by our story of the lost and found goslings. 

Again, I clicked “Publish” just as the plane began to move. 

Yay, me! 

I’m back in the semi-frequent posting cadence, I thought. Blogging is a regular activity and you have to exercise those muscles to stay in shape.

But there’s a catch.

Here’s the confession.

The pressure I put on myself to post in a hurry before the plane took off caused me to eliminate most of my quality assurance steps. I glanced at the preview of each post but didn’t do a full proofreading.

Of course there were typos.

At least three in the first post, and two in the second.

One typo was in the very first sentence.


Mea culpa.

I went back and fixed the ones I found, and then The Grill-Meister pointed out another gaffe.

So the posts are now relatively error-free, but those of you who get the Glover Gardens content s via email are stuck with the imperfections of the first versions.


In the spirit of learning from mistakes, I’ve vowed to myself that I will never again click the Publish button until I have thoughtfully proofed the post. 

That doesn’t mean that there won’t be mistakes, but it will be less likely. I’m actually a really good proofreader, having done it as a big part of my job once upon a time when I was managing global proposals for an international high-tech software company delivering control and optimization solutions for the process industries. I like proofreading and my team has always joked about my “red pen tendencies”. I need to bring that same sharp eye to my own work.

I’ll have to restrain myself from clicking Publish as the plane is about to taxi down the runway; I’ll just hit Save and pick it back up when we land. 😊

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