Thomas Wenglinski Sextet at Monks: Jazz for Your Sunday Night Live-Streamed Listening Pleasure

December 5, 2020

Thomas Wenglinski Sextet at Monks: Jazz for Your Sunday Night Live-Streamed Listening Pleasure


Hello friends – it’s time to get a groove on! The Thomas Wenglinski Sextet will be streaming live on Sunday night from Monks Jazz in Austin.

Thomas Wenglinski on Piano

You’ve heard about our Musical Millennial before if you’ve been in the Glover Gardens blog family for a while. Hopefully, you’ve heard his music a time or two, too. Outside the blog, the Musical Millennial is Thomas Wenglinski, who is now studying for a Master’s in Studio Jazz Writing at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music after getting his undergrad in Jazz Composition at the University of Texas in Austin. You’ll find a lot more parental pride, backstories and some damn fine tunes by clicking here.

A Reunion Concert


  • Sunday, December 6, 2020
  • 7:30 PM  9:00 PM

Monks Jazz is keeping the Austin jazz scene in the forefront with a great calendar of live-streamed shows. We are very excited for Sunday’s performance, which is a reunion of sorts with several of Thomas’ former fellow students from UT, a mix of jazz grads, undergrads and doctoral students comprising the horns and most of the rhythm section. These guys have a long history of playing together over the past several years, locking in after the first notes and creating a wonderful musical experience for the listener.

It’s another reunion, too, with the guitar player, Joel White. Joel graduated with a Jazz Studies degree from the University of North Texas this year, where he was the guitar player in the prestigious One O’Clock jazz band.

Although they were at different high schools in the north Houston area, Joel and Thomas started playing together after each of them was selected for the All-State jazz as juniors. Joel and Thomas had gigs together, played in each other’s recitals, and often, to my great delight, they practiced or recorded in Thomas’ room upstairs at Glover Gardens.

Joel and Thomas continued making music together through their college journeys, releasing their album “Brother” in 2018 (available wherever you get music online).

It Will Be Magical

Given their history of playing together, the talent of the musicians and their pent-up energy from not having eleventeen gigs per week like they usually do, I’m expecting this show to be amazing. They’ll be doing several original tunes by Thomas, some interesting B-sides (my term, not his) and a showing from the American jazz songbook, with cool new interpretations. I can’t wait!

See You at the Show?

You know where O where in cyberspace we’ll be on Sunday night…glued to the live-stream. It’s a free show – no need to buy tickeets. But of course, the musicians will have a virtual tip jar out for anyone who wants to contribute a lil’ cash for the creative inspiration that live music provides.

You can read about the concert on the Monks Jazz site, click here to RSVP for the Facebook event and get it onto your calendar. Or just click the YouTube live stream link at 7:30 CST tomorrow night.

Link to the YouTube Stream

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