What’s In a Name? Seeking Your Input

March 18, 2017

What’s In a Name? Seeking Your Input


db1d01dca5fad07dd24838da79f66cf3Did you ever start out to do a thing, and then it evolved into a different thing?  A second thing that resembled, honored and took strength and identify from the first thing, but in the end, became its own new thing?

That’s what has happened to the Glover Gardens Cookbook.  I set out to capture recipes for my family (see About, if you’re really interested).  But then, I realized that the stories around the recipes were equally important and should be shared, too, as in Sweet Potato Biscuits: Family History, Love on a Plate.  And since I have this platform, why not share my amateur poetry and the almost daily haiku that pops into my head like random mice in a field? And travel stories, and the seemingly almost daily musical compositions that pop into my son’s head like lilies in a field? And speaking of lilies, how could I not share the amazingness of nature and the world that surrounds me, here at Glover Gardens, northwest at Little House in the Rockies, and everywhere I travel?

I talked about some of this in my blog’s second anniversary post earlier this month, with the wonderful quote from Emile Zola: “I am here to live out loud!” And now, it’s time to take action.  I think.  Maybe.  Because I’m not sure that the content of the Glover Gardens Cookbook matches its name, although I remain very committed to capturing and sharing recipes, and still plan to publish that cookbook one day.  But the blog is now more like a collection of stuff you’d find in the Life section of a publication than a cookbook.

6e000ec02c7c93eef58146bcb1c63682So I’m curious to know what you think:  Does the Glover Gardens Cookbook need a new name?

All ye who have encouraged me, the post-likers and blog followers and casual lurkers and friends, I’d love to hear from you in the poll below, in which I’ve collected a few possible new names. I’m hoping to get some new ideas from you, as well, either in the post comments or the Other choice in the poll.

Thank you!

Copyright 2017, Glover Gardens Cookbook.  Featured image photo credits to stephrobbins.com.

13 thoughts on “What’s In a Name? Seeking Your Input”

  • The first question you asked….I call that Serendipity!!!

    Why not just Glover Gardens? You grow things in a Garden…..all of the things you share are planted, watered and blossomed by you. The rest of us get to enjoy this beautiful “Garden of Thought”!


  • I hope what I wrote made it in the poll, but just in case… the blogs should be split. One for you. One for the cookbook. Most SEO guru types say the very worst thing you can do is mix personal and professional. In the long run, assuming your cookbook is finished and published you’ll need a marketing platform which will grow out of the cookbook blog. One more thing; personal stories are what sells anything these days. A mix of stories about recipes and the recipes themselves will make a world of difference.

    • Ray, I’m honored that you took the time to give me your professional feedback! I absolutely love the pictures and stories behind them in your blog. For me, the blog with the recipes and stories and the evolved lagniappe is all personal, because by day I’m a corporate knowledge management wonk type: linkedin.com/in/kim-glover-2074511 . Hmmmmm.

      • It’s not really my feedback because I’m not all that great at SEO. But, it’s what the so-called gurus write. It’s probably personal to you, but from the outside looking in, there are family stories (your son’s music, for instance) and there are recipes and the stories behind them. Oh, BTW, Ms. Storyteller went to the other music school in Texas. UNT-Denton. 🙂 Lemme see if I can open the link from here.

        • Love that “other” music school in TX! It just happens to be the only one of the ten top schools for jazz that my son applied to that didn’t offer him a hefty scholarship. 🙂 What is Ms. Storyteller’s instrument?

          • Her voice is really her main instrument, but she’s a great piano player. Her scholarship was based on two jazz operas that she wrote in high school. Unfortunately, part of that was based on playing trumpet in the marching band. She’s 5’1″ so you can imagine how that went over. 🙂

  • The comment above seems inspired in its simplicity – why not just Glover Gardens? I agree about removing restrictive names – I had travel blog in my title until changing to Glasgow Gallivanter just over a year ago. Gallivanting implies travel, which it still mostly is, but allows me to digress if I wish.

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