Wisdom from Justin the Artist at 22

July 31, 2021

Wisdom from Justin the Artist at 22


2 thoughts on “Wisdom from Justin the Artist at 22”

  • True, Kim: a lot of wisdom condensed there, and I wish I had some (more) of that maturity and clarity at that age. A ‘red thread’ is about getting outside the comfort zone. We oldies need that nudge, well at least I do. Bring this on to Justin, please. And I can share a couple of sketches for “life begins at the end of the comfort zone”. His webpage is great, and/but he’s a pro of course…

    • I’m so glad you have an appreciation for Justin, and I’m sure he will be, too. And yes, I’m ALWAYS happy for the “nudge,” as you called it. Life-long learning and curiosity are life-enhancers – and can even be life-extenders, in my humble opinion.

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