“Because You Need to Know” Knowledge Management Podcast – with Me!

February 22, 2020

“Because You Need to Know” Knowledge Management Podcast – with Me!


Hello friends, I don’t often reference my interesting and challenging career in knowledge management (KM) here because the Glover Gardens blog is my hobby (or one of about a dozen), but today, I thought I’d share a podcast recording. Yours truly, Kim of Glover Gardens, is the interviewee, and I’m talking about culture, knowledge management and lessons learned. It was really fun to make this recording, and underscores how blessed I am to love my work.

Pioneer Knowledge Podcast

To listen, click here or on the red button below.

The interviewer, Edwin K. Morris, is fabulous. He’s the President and Founder of Pioneer Knowledge Services, a non-profit knowledge management organization that knowledge management addresses organizational culture and social characteristics and behaviors. He says, “Together we will build a culture that regards knowledge as a sustainable asset.”

Depending on your outlook, mood and what the groundhog saw, this could be the most boring thing you ever heard, or … you might be interested. Let me know, either way, if you listen.

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