Have Some Weed, Butterfly!

July 27, 2019

Have Some Weed, Butterfly!


We love butterflies here at Glover Gardens, so we have a butterfly friendly landscape, including lots of butterfly weed. Tropical butterfly weed, to be specific.

Close-up of butterfly weed in bloom
Butterfly weed by the pool keeps butterflies by the pool

We enjoy lots of monarch butterflies, floating on the wind through the yard, gracefully landing on the flowers.

Monarch butterfly on butterfly weed
One of our Glover Gardens butterflies enjoying the butterfly weed on offer

But we like herbs, too, and I once had to relocate some caterpillars who were gorging on our parsley.

Caterpillar eating parsley
Butterflies-to-be were ALL OVER my parsley

No, don’t eat the parsley – that’s for us! We’ve got butterfly weed for you.

I had to do a Caterpillar Relocation Project. Carefully. I snipped the denuded parsley stems and caught the caterpillars on a plate.

Caterpillars on a paper plate
They’ll be prettier after their chrysalis phase, but I thought these butterflies-to-be were gorgeous

Then I slid the parsley stems into the butterfly weed, balancing them carefully.

Monarch butterfly caterpillar
Still on the parsley, but almost there!

It was a joy to watch them latch on.

All the transplanted caterpillars were happily “re-homed”, and I like to think we saw them flying about a few weeks later.

Monarch butterfly on butterfly weed
Did this butterfly enjoy butterfly weed at Glover Gardens as a caterpillar?

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