Mindfulness Musings from Rose of Rose Farmhaus

August 10, 2019

Mindfulness Musings from Rose of Rose Farmhaus

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I received a delightful text from a friend that reads like prose – or a blog post, complete with pictures! – and just had to share it with you. She was marvelously in the moment in her new (old) country home near Round Top, Texas, affectionately named the Rose Farmhaus.

“I was sitting outside with the animals…enjoying the shade and late summer warm breezes. Somewhere between my reverie and wistful lamentations (undoubtedly brought on by my current summer read), I thought of you.

‘Kim would enjoy this moment’, I thought to myself. The chickens are pecking and scratching the ground in search of the ever elusive grub that their endless hunt occasionally provides as a reward.

The dogs have become ravenous nut hunters…providing me with a spectacle that can only be matched (I would assume) by French hogs when they are in a wild frenzy to find truffles. I feel somewhat sad for the poor squirrels that undoubtedly spent a good amount of time and effort hiding these nuts for their winter bounty…only to find later that they are doomed to scavenging for the less than appetizing late season pecans due to the current obsession of my pups.

The cows are singing an early evening medley to alert anyone in their vicinity that it is time for someone to provide a fresh hay bale to the pasture.

I am either enjoying a small taste of paradise or falling hopelessly into a Green Acres-induced dementia. Whichever the case may be my thoughts are now led to when y’all can visit us again.”

As the Grill-Meister said when I read this little muse about mindfulness to him, she can really paint a picture. “She” is Rose of Rose Farmhaus, who you can find here on Instagram.

In full disclosure, the cows didn’t come with this particular text; they were in a Rose Farmhaus post last year that inspired me to write this post.

You’ll hear more about the Rose Farmhaus, especially if I get more mindful texts like this. Or maybe, just maybe, I can convince Rose to be a guest blogger. Like me, she has a lot of stories to tell!

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