It’s Not Christmas without Cookies!

December 9, 2022

It’s Not Christmas without Cookies!


‘Tis the cookie season!

I’ve told you before about our daughter-in-law Megan, AKA The Girl Who is Always Hungry, and her cookie-baking / cookie decorating skills. Check out these pics of her 2018 Mrs. Claus-like creations for our Glover Gardens holiday celebration, 5 lbs. of Christmas cookie goodness.

During a recent visit where we were privileged to babysit for GK#1, we also taste-tested some marvelous new cookies Megan created – fabulous! – and I did a photo shoot of them, playing around with my new iPhone’s camera.

I realized what a great setting this would be for a photo shoot with The Grill-Meister and GK#1. See for yourself – am I right? (I couldn’t decide which pic I liked best, so you get to see both!)

Now that we have a grandchild, I’d have to say, it’s not Christmas without GK#1. ❤️

But speaking of cookies, I’ve posted all three of my go-to Christmas cookie recipes. I’m looking around for a new one to add to the repertoire and will share that one when it’s Goldilocks-right.

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In addition to being delicious, these Christmas cookies are easy and to make with kids.

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