Love the Grill-Meister, Love Haiku, Happy Valentine’s to All (#NaHaiWriMo)

February 14, 2018

Love the Grill-Meister, Love Haiku, Happy Valentine’s to All (#NaHaiWriMo)


I committed to posting a haiku per day – no matter how much you protest! – during National Haiku Writing Month (#NaHaiWriMo). But today, I’ve got two, nay, three haiku. It’s Valentine’s Day, and I would like to celebrate my own special valentine, the Grill-Meister.

 – Don’t read this if you find other people’s love stories yucky! – 

It has been a hectic year for us since last Valentine’s Day, the low point being the unexpected death of my Dad on our wedding anniversary in June of 2017. That was a blow like none I have ever experienced. Dad was the best, an amazing person by all accounts.

I was so grateful to have a loving partner to help me ride those grief waves without drowning, and to navigate together the myriad of other challenges that were 2017, so I wrote this haiku.

Love Poem for the Grill-Meister #1

life’s pace, chaotic

different challenges daily

you are the constant

Oak Tree
This oak tree reminds me of the support I get from the Grill-Meister

But I am at heart an upbeat person, and that little poem about the strength of Tom’s support of doesn’t reflect the celebration that is our life together. So here’s another haiku, the bookend to the first one.

Love Poem for the Grill-Meister #2

our pattern is love

our celebrations, daily

each of us chosen

Tom and Kim at Jazz Fest
Our wacky selves at NOLA’s Jazz Fest in 2015

And maybe there’s one more, this one reflecting why it works for us. A very simple formula for living happily ever after: acceptance.

Love Poem for the Grill-Meister #3

total acceptance

we gift this to each other

truly, simply, love

Tom and Kim and I Love You Sign
Redwood forest, 2011


I love haiku, I love the Grill-Meister, and I love all y’all Glover Gardens followers. Happy Valentine’s Day, and may it bring you love.

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