3 Haiku for a Bighorn Sheep

Beautiful bighorn sheep were grazing alongside Highway 285 near Bailey, Colorado last Sunday.

A brave bighorn grazing alongside Colorado State Highway 285 south of Bailey, CO

I had my camera with me and The Grill-Meister was happy to pull the car over. One of the sheep let me get very close, and it seemed that he was either mildly annoyed or mildly amused by me. He moved slowly, turning this way and that. Posing for me, I think. What visual riches! It was an awesome experience.

So I had to write a haiku or two. Or three. Serious and not-so-serious.

ancient memories,
yesterdays and tomorrows,
in your horns and fur

Magnificence radiates from his bighorn body

regal, princely stare –
you wondrous, animal, you!
thank you for posing

Giving me the eye – is he annoyed? amused? contemplative?

what are you thinking? 
“get back, lady with camera –
let me eat in peace!”

© 2018 Glover Gardens

Haiku: Amarillo by Night and Morning

Road trip time! Halfway between Glover Gardens and Little House in the Rockies lies the west Texas town of Amarillo. I’ve never done much there but sleep during our overnight stops, but its holiday vibe charmed me from my hotel window on Thursday night, and again in a different way on Friday morning. It was haiku-worthy.

at night all sparkly
Amarillo by morning
was muted by snow

From our hotel window, it looked like downtown Amarillo was ready for a party
Or maybe the party was over, but the lights were still on
But in the morning, from the same hotel window, the same view had a different vibe altogether in the snowy daylight; everything is muted

Same view, different vibe altogether.

© 2018 Glover Gardens

Haiku: Magpie’s Blue Period

In almost six years, we never saw a magpie at Little House in the Rockies.

And then on the Fall Colors 2018 Trek in late September, there they were at Tarryall Reservoir. With the blue on their wings, they are mag(pie)nificent!


And over Thanksgiving, they finally came right up to our front porch to feed on the suet. Despite their chatty reputation, our maggies were a little shy, so I wasn’t able to get many photos of their tuxedo coloring with bright blue wingtips. However, the one below, which is accidentally dark, made me happy enough to haiku. Intensifying the blue made me even happier. So I give you, Magpie’s Blue Period:

blue-winged forager 
stopping at the suet bar
gorgeous in profile


© 2018 Glover Gardens

Haiku: Thank You to Veterans


saluting soldiers
~ not just on Veteran’s Day ~
thank you, every day


I always love to see the huge flag at DCA / Reagan National Airport. It seemed especially fitting to share it on Veteran’s Day.

Thank you to all veterans, past and present, for your service.

Copyright 2018, Glover Gardens

Poems from People-Watching at the DMV

Forced waiting in public is a perfect people-watching opportunity that can turn into poetry or prose. Here’s what arose from my recent visit to the DMV to get my driver’s license renewed, when I waited over an hour for my number to be called. These ditties aren’t going to win any awards, but I entertained myself mightily!


People-Watching at the DMV


a slice of americana

at the DMV


young dad

with a toddler girl

napping on his lap

her Hello Kitty backpack

resting at his feet


college student

with chipped purple toenails 

reading a textbook

chewing her lip 


middle-aged man

in a camouflage hat

legs outstretched

almost asleep


50-something guy

in a Sig’s Lagoon t-shirt

chatting with a teen 

nervously tapping his toes


quiet elderly couple 

holding hands

wearing matching jackets

(Pittsburgh Steelers)


young married couple

playing with a baby

whose thick black hair

sported a Mohawk 


bored-looking mom

with an adolescent boy

in a surgical boot

playing with her phone


uptight man

in a business suit

and shiny leather shoes

complaining bitterly

about the wait


people-watching at the DMV:

a slice of americana

Shoes I Saw at the DMV


shiny black loafers

leather athletic shoes

strappy leather sandals

blue canvas surgical boot

two-toned brown wingtips

black suede platform sandals

faux leather ankle boots

black patent flats with a bow at the toes

pink Velcro tennis shoes

hiking boots with caked-on mud

black jackboots

red checkered Vans

Photo from Anthony F. on Foursquare

© 2018 Glover Gardens


Haiku – Oops! Love me as I am.



I made a mistake yesterday by believing WordPress that my hastily-written post Homeward Bound, published from seat 8A on a small Embraer 175 aircraft, failed to upload. So I pushed the “Publish” button once more, as the plane revved up on the runway at Reagan National Airport.

Then I happily changed the iPad to airplane mode and settled in to finish a murder mystery set in Paris (Cara Black’s Murder at the Lanterne Rouge, for my fellow mystery lovers and Francophiles).
This morning, I noticed that there are two identical Homeward Bound posts at the top of the Glover Gardens blog – oops! For some reason, this makes me smile. An “oops” haiku instantly springs to mind:

i’m amused by my
obvious imperfection
love me as I am

I’m going to keep both versions on the blog as a reminder to myself that I’m flawed, but still lovable. As are you – would you agree?

Oops haiku

© 2018 Glover Gardens