Haiku: Old Ford Truck at Colorado’s Tarryall Reservoir

Tarryall Reservoir, its waterfall and creek are magnets for us when we are in Colorado at Little House in the Rockies, in every season.  On this trip, we saw a proud old Ford truck parked near the waterfall, which inspired a haiku.

Solid old Ford says
“Sure, I’m a little retro,
but I’m still ready!”


Sometimes I feel that way myself:  a little retro, perhaps, but still ready.  Bring it on, world!


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Slow Us Down (Triple Haiku)

Reposting this beautiful haiku from another blog (link to the original at the bottom).

We need a slow pace
Take us to that peaceful place
No more frantic race

This world spins too fast
Quickly forgets its own past
Nothing seems to last

Slow us down to walk
Oh, let us sit down and talk
Not to run but walk

Source: Slow Us Down (Triple Haiku)

All rights reserved by the author.