Haiku: Suicide Journey

Posting a haiku daily during February for National Haiku Writing Month (NaHaiWriMo) has me digging up some of these little poems that I’ve written and stowed away. Many were created in moments of reflection or times of sadness in which the haiku exercise was a way to process grief or tragedy. Today’s is one of those.

turbulent journey,
abrupt and violent ending ~
now on the peace train

The suicide was my brother’s. His pain is over, but the grief ebbs and flows like the tide for all of his loved ones.

Here’s a plea for anyone who is hurting to reach out before making a final choice: My Brother’s Suicide: Out of the Darkness and Into the Light. If you want to learn about suicide prevention, please check out the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Photo credits to my son; he took this in Galveston on his 19th birthday. Our family has a special connection to the seashore, as you’ll note in my days by the water .

Peace be with you.

© 2018, Glover Gardens

Backyard Haiku (for NaHaiWriMo)

Spring is breaking out early at Glover Gardens, and the backyard is like a bird sanctuary. I have a new DSLR camera that I am learning how to use, and have taken to carrying it with me as much as I can when I’m outside (weekends only; I have a corporate job with a long commute).  I am not good at schlepping the camera around yet and marvel at how pro photographers lug around all their equipment, ready to seize that great photo op when it appears. There are so many peripheral skills that they have to support the primary one of knowing what would make a great photo, and how to use their sophisticated equipment.

If you’ve been following Glover Gardens, you’ll know that I’m observing National Haiku Writing Month (#NaHaiWriMo) and posting one haiku per day in February. I started late, and it is a little more difficult than I thought, but I’m going to see it through.  Fortunately, the backyard at Glover Gardens is a source of inspiration for me.

joy in my backyard:
Mama Cardinal ponders life
while I sit and watch

Mama Cardinal looks all around
Checking me out to see if I’m a threat
Perched above the feeder to survey the surroundings (is it safe? is it safe?)
Finally, crunching on a seed
Looking at me again before going for that next yummy seed

Life is good, for Mama Cardinal and me.

© 2018 Glover Gardens

Haiku: The Dangers of Hubris (NaHaiWriMo)

This point of view of this blog is (usually) positive, but sometimes contemplation requires lamentation.

Hubris, invited,
accepts, and stays for good (bad).
What price ignorance?

Hubris arises in many ways.  I leave it to you, Dear Reader, to apply your own meaning.

Hubris Haiku

The haiku was created as part of the NaHaiWriMo initiative, a commitment to produce one haiku per day in February.  Read more here.

And you can find lots more Glover Gardens haiku here, most of it unfailingly positive, (except for the one about beets) honoring such favorites as cats, flowers, food and Dads.

© 2018 Glover Gardens

Mountains and Birds Make Me Happy

Little House in the Rockies conjures many of my favorite words.

Little House Word Cloud

It’s a tiny little cabin in central Colorado, at 10,000 feet (or 9,997, if we’re being nit-picky) near the top of a minor mountain.

It’s a happy place. It inspires me, restores peace and tranquility and fuels creativity.

That’s what today’s haiku for NaHaiWriMo is about.

peace settles in like

snow on mountains, birds in trees

chilly serenity


Copyright 2018, Glover Gardens

Make Better Scrambled Eggs (plus a haiku!) #NaHaiWriMo

Some things are universal.

Like the pursuit of fluffiness in scrambled eggs.

A recent story in the Extra Crispy blog / newsletter shares a simple approach for making this most ubiquitous of breakfast foods a “billion times better”. I share this as a service to Glover Gardens readers: I know how much you care about eggs, because whenever I post about them, you click like crazy.

Photo by Lauri Patterson via Getty Images

Check it out in this story by Kat Kinsman (with the “billion times better” secret): Make Better Scrambled Eggs with This Device | Extra Crispy.

And because it is #NaHaiWriMo (National Haiku Writing Month), here’s a haiku nod to the humble scrambled egg:

diner-style goodness;
this perfect protein provides
sunshine for breakfast

Happy scrambled haiku eggs.

Copyright 2018, Glover Gardens

Love the Grill-Meister, Love Haiku, Happy Valentine’s to All (#NaHaiWriMo)

I committed to posting a haiku per day – no matter how much you protest! – during National Haiku Writing Month (#NaHaiWriMo). But today, I’ve got two, nay, three haiku. It’s Valentine’s Day, and I would like to celebrate my own special valentine, the Grill-Meister.

 – Don’t read this if you find other people’s love stories yucky! – 

It has been a hectic year for us since last Valentine’s Day, the low point being the unexpected death of my Dad on our wedding anniversary in June of 2017. That was a blow like none I have ever experienced. Dad was the best, an amazing person by all accounts.

I was so grateful to have a loving partner to help me ride those grief waves without drowning, and to navigate together the myriad of other challenges that were 2017, so I wrote this haiku.

Love Poem for the Grill-Meister #1

life’s pace, chaotic

different challenges daily

you are the constant

Oak Tree
This oak tree reminds me of the support I get from the Grill-Meister

But I am at heart an upbeat person, and that little poem about the strength of Tom’s support of doesn’t reflect the celebration that is our life together. So here’s another haiku, the bookend to the first one.

Love Poem for the Grill-Meister #2

our pattern is love

our celebrations, daily

each of us chosen

Tom and Kim at Jazz Fest
Our wacky selves at NOLA’s Jazz Fest in 2015

And maybe there’s one more, this one reflecting why it works for us. A very simple formula for living happily ever after: acceptance.

Love Poem for the Grill-Meister #3

total acceptance

we gift this to each other

truly, simply, love

Tom and Kim and I Love You Sign
Redwood forest, 2011


I love haiku, I love the Grill-Meister, and I love all y’all Glover Gardens followers. Happy Valentine’s Day, and may it bring you love.

Copyright 2018, Glover Gardens