People are Amazing and Wonderful and Wise

June 20, 2016

People are Amazing and Wonderful and Wise


OK, Dear Reader, I acknowledge the skeptics among you, those of you who  are pretty sure other humans would just as soon sell you down the river as validate your humanity.  But – you know what? – there aren’t that many of those folks!  A few bad apples may indeed spoil the barrel, but most people are pretty darn amazing.  Most people want to work with you and find a win/win situation.  Most people are pretty happy for you to be right, if they can be right, too.

Most people would cheer for you when you are striving to succeed.  And you would cheer for them, too, I am convinced.

My latest realization of how great others are is the cacophony of responses to my post about aging and attitudes (click  “The Older You Are, The More You Live in the Past”.  I read this provocative statement by a smart guy who should know what he’s talking about, but it seemed so generic, so pablum-like, so give-up-ish, and I wanted to hear from you.

And here’s what I got in response (you people are brilliant!):

  • “I look forward far more than backward … and that has not always been the case! So I would vote ‘depends on the individual and the circumstances in that individual life’. Good point to ponder – thanks for posting and nudging me to make today one of the forward-looking ones.”
  • “Of course, the more we age the more experiences we have and it is normal to reflect on those experiences as we live each day…but, if you remain busy in this life it would be silly to live for the past since the present and the future are more exciting. There is a question missing which says, do older people use their experiences of the past to enhance the present and future?”
  • “I agree that some individuals live in the past more and some do not. I think maybe those of us living with regrets may have a more difficult time being present as our bodies and minds begin to age. I think when we learn to follow our intuition and live with no regrets, we are able to be more present, because we have selected our choices wisely and our moments are more congruent. I think our souls want what is rightfully theirs, true happiness which comes from following our dreams and passions. When we are able to right our wrongs as they happen and reach for our dreams, we can age gracefully, without regret, this makes room for us to be present for our experiences.”
  • “Yes, I agree everyone will have their own perspective on life. It’s been my experience that those who live in the past are most often those who are unhappy with today. My philosophy is to take from the past what I need for today and plan loosely for the future but roll with the joy of whatever comes.”

These comments are from intelligent strangers, mostly, with one from my Dad.  And wow, I think we are receiving the wisdom of the universe and the Almighty here.  Serendipity. Blessings.  Humanity.


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