Simple Pleasures: Steaming Mug of Tea on a Cold Day

February 27, 2016

Simple Pleasures: Steaming Mug of Tea on a Cold Day


It’s the little things.

Right now, my favorite little thing is a steaming mug of tea on the back porch of Little House in the Rockies.  It’s an absolutely beautiful day here, but a bit on the nippy side.

An afternoon “cuppa” hits the spot on a February day in the Rockies.

IMG_2147Another wonderful little thing is the tea cozy (or in British English, tea cosy).  The British have gotten a lot of things right in this world, from the Magna Carta to the tea cozy.  There are many others more qualified to expound upon the importance of the Magna Carta, but I think I can be an expert about the tea cozy.  It not only keeps your tea pot hot longer, it also gives you a warm, comfy, safe feeling.

If your tea pot has a special little blankie, how can anything be wrong in your world?  Maybe the world needs more tea cozies.


I’ve been reading up on how to make tea, and I really like this post from Anglonerd:  click here.  The #4 entry, Douglas Adams’ treatise on tea, is my favorite.  I should take this time to confess that I, myself, am an Anglonerd.  Or a nicer way to put it is Anglophile.

Tazo Vanilla Apricot White

I’m drinking TAZO Vanilla Apricot White tea, which is described this way on their web site:

“New white tea buds in the splendor of youth swing from the branch of an apricot tree, giggling delicately in the sweet-fruited air. Tahitian vanilla dances and twirls in creamy intoxication.”

Wow!  What a fun job it must be to write these descriptions.

It’s the little things…


3 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures: Steaming Mug of Tea on a Cold Day”

  • I’d love to be drinking tea with that view! I agree about tea cosies – though sometimes they make the handle so hot that I can barely hold it long enough to pour. I’m a wimp, probably. Also, it’s nice to know someone who cares about making tea properly. We Brits can sometimes find it quite hard to get “a nice cup of tea”, aka the panacea for all ills, when we venture abroad.

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