Some Like it HOT – Thank You, TCM!

June 7, 2017

Some Like it HOT – Thank You, TCM!


There are two Glover Gardens millennials.  One works for SpacEx and is about to get married.  His fiance is the BOMB (meaning: I love her).


The other millennial has just finished his freshman year at the University of Texas majoring in Jazz Composition, and is home for the summer.


There is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing here at Glover Gardens this season, with business travel and vacations.  We’ve seen the former millennial (SpaceX) twice in the past three months, and the latter millennial (UT) about four times in the four weeks since he college let out, partly because he spent ten days with family in the Northeast.

But last night, it was just the two of us, the latter millennial and me, for what we call a Mom & Kid Night.

We ate Seafood and Sausage Gumbo (a family favorite) and watched Swing Time, a 1936 Fred and Ginger movie, for about the 50th time.  It is old, but it doesn’t get old.  Made during the Depression, it is pure sweetness and light, and fluff, and absolutely marvelous dance numbers set to jazz standards from the American Songbook.


We really like old movies.  Or, to be more accurate, classic movies.

Sometime during the evening, I said, “Offspring, do you have plans next Wednesday night?”

“Umm, no, do you have something in mind?”

Some Like It Hot is on the big screen; TCM is doing it again putting classic movies in theaters.”


“I’m down with that!” said he.  “Let’s do it!”

Dramatic pause.

The millennial spoke again.  “Mom.” Another pause.  “I hope you know that if I did have plans next Wednesday, Some Like It Hot would supplant them!”

That’s my boy.

So, next Wednesday, you know where we’ll be: in a theater watching Some Like It Hot, as it should be seen, on a big screen.  Check it out in your area, because TCM is partnering with Fathom Events to show classic movies everywhere.




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