War Cemeteries: a Memorial Day Reminder of the Cost of Peace

100_0219While honeymooning in the Tuscan region of Italy some years back, the Grill-Meister and I stumbled on the Florence American Cemetery and Memorial.  Thus began our fascination and respect for the beautiful reminders of the cost of peace that are managed by the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC).  They are special places, and we’d like to visit as many as we can.  In professional career (knowledge management and social learning), I’ve had the opportunity to meet the Knowledge Management Chief for the ABMC, a tiny little woman who is a bundle of energy, warmth and intelligence, and her passion and drive for ensuring that these monuments can continue to “tell their stories” made me respect them all the more.  You can read about the ABMC here.

So far, we’ve only made it to two of the monuments managed by the ABMC: Florence and Cambridge (in the UK).  In both places, we spent hours quietly walking among the graves, reading the plaques, absorbing the history.  I’m sharing a few of our photos here to commemorate Memorial Day and all that it means.  When we make it to some of the others – and we will – I’ll share those, too.









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