Back to Work and Healthy Eating

Are you like me? I love the holidays but don’t mind when they’re over…one can only have so much rich food and fun, right? I feel like it would take an austerity program for a few weeks to balance everything out.

So our “back to work and healthy eating” meal on the last night of our 2+-week vacation was Glover Gardens Chili. While it might seem counter-intuitive to call chili healthy, our recipe is high in fiber and low in fat. There are three kinds of beans, and these days, I make it with ground turkey instead of ground beef. Fresh chiles amp up the spice component.

Our garnishes include fresh jalapeños, cheese, avocado, cilantro and red onion – and the saltines make a great delivery device

You’ll find the recipe in this post from a while back – A Fresh Take on a Classic: Glover Gardens Chili. The picture below is from the original post.

Glover Gardens Chili is chock-full of protein and fiber and looks very appetizing with its variety of garnishes

Amusingly, I’ve just noticed that I seem to make a post about this chili at around this time each year. It’s the after-holiday antidote!

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Chili for a Chilly Night!

I’m leaving, on a jet plane…🎶

The Grill-Meister will be managing Glover Gardens solo while I’m traveling for a week, starting tomorrow. But I like to leave everything in good shape, so I whipped up a big ol’ batch of Glover Gardens Chili tonight. The Grill-Meister will not go hungry!

It has been really cold here (cold for Southeast Texas, at least) – dipping into the low 20s at night. Brrrrrr!  We even had snow here a couple of weeks ago! Glover Gardens looks like it has been dusted with powdered sugar everywhere.

In this “extreme cold,” a big bowl of  this bean-laden chili warms you right up, from the inside out, especially with its mix of fresh chili peppers.

Tonight’s “bowl of red,” topped with grated cheese, chopped white onion and a bit of avocdo

Glover Gardens Chili
My original photo of Glover Gardens chili; I must have had time to style the photo…

Click here for the recipe for Glover Gardens Chili, and stay warm!

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